Laboratory of Structural Methods of Data Analysis in Predictive
Modeling Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Nemirovski Arkadi
Nemirovski Arkadi
Personal data:
· Born March 14, 1947, in Moscow; emigrated to Israel in 1993
· Married, one son
· M.Sc. (‘70) and Ph.D. (‘73) degrees in Math. from Moscow State University
· Soviet degree of Doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (‘90) from Kiev
Institute of Cybernetics
Academic appointments since ‘93:
· John Hunter Chair and Professor, School of Industrial and Systems
Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2005 - ) on leave from the
· Chaired full professor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management,
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (started ‘93; tenured ‘95;
chaired ‘99)
· visiting positions:
¨ visiting professor, Technical University of Delft, Faculty of Technical
Mathematics, March - August ‘98
¨ Stieltjes Visiting Professorship, Stieltjes Institute, The Netherlands,
August - September ‘01
¨ Adjunct Visiting Professorship, Department of Discrete and Combinatorial
Optimization, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, ‘00-’04
¨ visiting professor, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia
Institute of Technology, August ‘03 -- January ‘05 }
Research areas:
· (major) Optimization Theory and Algorithms, with emphasis on
¨ investigating complexity and developing efficient algorithms for
nonlinear convex programs
¨ optimization under uncertainty
¨ applications of Convex Optimization in Engineering
· (minor) Nonparametric Statistics
Publications (personal and co-authored): 5 monographs, 105 papers in
referred journals, 20 papers and book chapters in proceedings and
Students supervision: 4 Ph.D. & 5 M.Sc. completed, 1 Ph.D. in
Major professional awards:
· ‘82 - Fulkerson Prize of the Mathematical Programming Society and
AMS (with L. Khachiyan and D. Yudin) [for inventing the Ellipsoid
method and thus contributing to the proof of polynomial time
solvability of Linear Programming]
· ‘91 - Dantzig Prize of the Mathematical Programming Society and SIAM
(with M. Grötschel) [for contributions to Mathematical Programming,
including investigating limits of performance of convex optimization
methods and developing novel efficient algorithms]
· ‘03 - John von Neumann Theory Prize of INFORMS (with M. Todd)
[for contributions to Mathematical Programming, including those to
the general theory of polynomial time interior point methods and
to discovery and development of Robust Optimization]
Other honours:
· ‘92 - Einstein Visiting Fellowship, Israel Academy of Sciences
· ‘94-’95 - Gastello Fellowship
· ‘98 - Taub prize for excellence in research, Technion
· ‘98 - Lecturer at XXVII Saint-Flour Summer School on Probability and
· ‘01 - Stieltjes Lecture, Stieltjes Institute, the Netherlands
· ‘01 - Best Paper Award (Theory) at 5th International Conference on
Optimization Techniques and Applications (joint with A. Ben-Tal
and C. Roos)
· ‘03 - Nieuwland Lecturer, University of Notre Dame
· ‘03 - Medallion Lecturer of IMS, Joint Statistical Meeting
· ‘03 - J. Levi Prize of Israeli OR Society (joint with A. Ben-Tal,
B. Golany and J.-Ph. Vial)
· ‘04 - MIT Distinguished Lecturer, MIT
· ‘06 - Plenary speaker at ICM 2006
· ‘06 – ‘11 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Technion
· ‘07 - Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, School of Mathematics, GaTech
· ‘09 - Honorary Degree of Doctor of Mathematics from University of Waterloo

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John Hunter Chair and Professor at School of Industrial and Systems
Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
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