Laboratory of Structural Methods of Data Analysis in Predictive
Modeling Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Tangent Bundle Manifold Learning for Image Analysis.
Conference Name: The 6th International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2013)

Image applications require additional special features of Manifold Learning (ML) methods. To deal with some of such features, we introduce an amplification of the ML, called Tangent Bundle ML (TBML), in which proximity is required not only between the original Data manifold and data-based reconstructed manifold but also between their tangent spaces. We present a new geometrically motivated Grassman&Stiefel Eigenmaps method for TBML, which also gives a new solution for the ML.

Авторы: Bernshtein Alexander , Kuleshov, AP

Дата: 16 ноября 2014

Статус: опубликована

Год: 2013

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