Laboratory of Structural Methods of Data Analysis in Predictive
Modeling Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Лекция Applied statistics in machine learning

Burnaev Evgeny
Должность: Ведущий научный сотрудник

Описание курса

Main methods of applied statistics and machine learning are considered, namely, probability density estimation, bootstrap, hypothesis testing, linear regression analysis, sensitivity analysis, dimension reduction, efficient dimension reduction, regression based on parametric dictionaries, bayesian regression based on gaussian processes, bayesian optimization based on gaussian processes, etc. Applications are illustrated on basis of industrial problems of surrogate modeling and optimization.

Application areas: 
Structural diagnostics in technical, economical, and natural processes
Data mining
Modeling and optimization of complex systems

Research topics: 
Statistical methods
Structural adaptive inference
Stochastic optimization and optimal stopping

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology